Nestled among quiet roads and the rolling hills above the Brazos River is Bosque Ranch. While weekend cutting events and competitions remain a staple, Sheridan plans to elevate operations by hosting reining and cow horse reining events, film and TV shoots, concerts, music festivals, charity events and an on-going unique dining experience. Nic’s Bar, a beautiful space overlooking the arena offers its premiere members and patrons a local spot for drinks, food and dancing, while also offering a private event space to host cast and crew parties, special events and more in an authentic, warm environment and crafted cocktails. Once you experience this spot you will become a regular while still experiencing something new each time.

“The recession that began in 2008 highlighted the great flaw of the performance horse industry — it is a participant-driven sport centered around aged events for horses, which essentially means — the horse’s show career is over when it turns seven. These two factors: a sport designed for the benefit of the professional rider and limiting the major events to horses ages 3-6, participation in these events began shrinking. My goal with Bosque Ranch is to create an experience for the spectator while greatly enhancing the opportunities for the riders. In my ‘other’ job, I am a star maker and a career reviver. I will do the same thing in this space — I will make stars of the horses and stars of the riders. I will continue to attract new participants to these various disciplines, but more importantly, I will continue creating an experience that captivates an audience”